Les Arbres du Futur

Trees for the futur

Here is what you can do :

Invest 50 €

and become godfather or godmother of

- a hen

a guinea pig

- a rabbit

Invest 100 €

and become godfather or

godmother of

- a tree

- a sheep

- a pot-bellied pig

Invest 150 €

and enjoy a weekend with us

to participate in

- a workshop of

 jewelry making  or sylvothérapie


- a hile with picnic on the Lac de Salses Leucate


- a weekend of initiation to country dance


for the kids :

- birdhouse manufacturing workshop

- visit of the micro farm and grill with mom and dad

Invest 1.500 €


give us

from time to time a hand 

to thank you 

we'll keep you

a nice little garden


a whole year

a whole year long you can come to visit us on this magnificant location


follow the project

projet Laduf

Invest 500 €

and bring us :

- seeds for the vegetable garden,

- food for animals,

- a birdhouse

- a garden tool that you no longer use


give us a hand

to thank you

you're welcome to

visit us

  a few weeks, even a month, 

enjoy nature, the proximity of the lake and the sea,

with your camper van or your tent nestled under a tree and surrounded by our sheep ...